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THE STASH beyond collectables. Light and Installation Art

Q21 Backstage: 

Everything that has been realized and collected by the light- and installation artist Martin Markeli since 2002 is concentrated in THE STASH. It is the space that captures the different phases of artistic engagement and can be understood as access to the world of his imagination.

This includes electric car racing tracks, miniature figures and light installations. But this is also where those ideas emerge that are carried outwards, change the public space and allow new experiences between objects, people and space.

Interview with Martin Markeli

Interview with Martin Markeli

Who are you?

I see myself as an artist and a collector of miniatures which I integrate into a complete artwork. I use a playful approach for my works. Not unlike Jonathan Meese, I also see art as a form of playing – ‘art is your inner child!’

Since when has THE STASH beyond collectables been a part of Q21/MQ?

Since 2002, my place of work alternates between Vienna and Miami. At THE STASH, I process my impressions and ideas from both worlds, it is the place for my creative output.

What does a light and installation artist do?

Light is an essential part of my works, I like to play with its effects on spaces, shapes and people. It changes the way my installations are perceived. Complete artworks, such as my race tracks, emerge.

What is the meaning behind the name THE STASH beyond collectables? 

It’s the stash off the beaten track of MQ’s main institutions. It is kind of a microcosmos which allows me to act independently and to express myself artistically. From here, I approach public space and change it through my installations.

Do race car tracks have cultural value?

Yes, definitely. Society is completely fixated on car traffic. My race track objects try to reflect the pace, the competition, and the car fetish itself, to make it experienceable to the senses.

Where can we experience your work?

You can visit me at THE STASH on ‘open studio days’. During summer at ‘Aquadome’, during winter at ‘Winter Race’ – both at the MQ main courtyard. Other than that, at various local and international art fairs, galleries and similar exhibition space

 thru Sun, 28.08., every Sat, Sun & public holidays, 14-18h
Venue: Water basin in the MQ main courtyard

Once again, light and installation artist Martin Markeli transforms the MQ pool into an island world. Visitors can explore it on various floating objects. The Aquadome is a temporary installation which allows navigation and coordination through an analogue approach. The self-made floating objects (boats) facilitate interaction.

Open Studio Day
Fri 10.06., 17-21h
Exhibit 4 SOME CANDY / Race the Track
Venue:THE STASH beyond collectables
Registration requested:

On Open Studio Day, the artist not only gives insight into his studio. You can also interact with his installations. Martin Markeli was influenced by the days when model race car tracks found their way into affluent 1970s society. The care became a status symbol for young and old. The race track becomes a projection surface for the perception of a society obsessed with speed and competition. The artist incorporates these aspects in the staging of his objects. He presents them in a landscape with fast cars and various symbolic objects known from the consumer world. Artistic exploration focuses on the scene and the arena of car racing. The installations are meant to appeal to all senses and put interaction between artwork and audience at the centre, facilitated by a playful approach.

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